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Customer Reviews


I felt like a child again
I always remember how well I used to sleep as a child. And of course I know there are many reasons for that – playing outside the whole day, no care in the world, living in a quiet small town, no worries and obligations.

Now, living in a major urban centre with a demanding job and active social life, I actually felt myself like back in childhood when I started to sleep with my Sleep pod. It really does make a difference – I fall asleep faster, feel more relaxed, and when I wake up I have a feeling that I’ve actually slept enough and can face another intense day.


I’m so much more pleasant
I’m certainly no bad person, but I have repeatedly felt bad about snapping at my partner or friends, about just feeling constantly a bit stressed out, not being able to do anything about it. Little did I know that the quality of my sleep had so much to do with this.

Since I use my Sleepwell Sleep pod, I am not even sure if I do sleep better – how would I know, I’m asleep during that time! But it seems to work, since my partner tells me that I’m less anxious and nervous, more gentle and pleasant to be with, even in the early morning. If that’s the effect of better sleep, I’ll take it!


How much time I used to waste…!
I’ve always been a hard-working person. My job is my passion, and I don’t mind long days at the office. But what I hadn’t realized until I started using my Sleepwell Sleep pod was how much of the time I spent at my computer was ineffective and ultimately wasted!

Turns out that when you fall asleep faster and sleep better, your performance really goes up. I’m sharper, more focused, and I get more and better work done in the same amount of time. So ironically, it’s better sleep that now gave me more free time, too – which I sometimes even use to get to sleep earlier. That can’t be bad!


Better sleep means better training
Over the years, I have perfected my training plans. Sessions, intervals, recovery periods, it’s all thought through based on knowledge and experience. One gap that needed perfection was good sleep: I noticed at times that I was performing better after a good sleep, that it helped to cut my recovery periods, and that I felt more dynamic and energetic, able to go further and longer. But no matter how many apps and trackers I used, I wasn’t able to control my sleep. It seemed random, connected to so many factors that I couldn’t possibly get them all under control.

Turns out all that was needed was the Sleep Pod. Sure, not every night is perfect - there are still many other factors at play. But it does help to have many more nights of deep and sound sleep than I ever had before, and that sure helps my training a lot!